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An antidote: a gallery of same sex ballroom dancers. I love love love swing dancing with other women I can’t even tell you.

I am desperately tired of seeing sexual violence depicted from the point of view of the perpetrator, little fillips for our understanding of a male character; tired of female sufferers rendered mute by the fictive world. If a novel is to depict sexual violence, let it do so from the point of view of the victimised, rather than the victimiser: let it create empathy, rather than elide it.

Symbols Without Substance: Rjurik Davidson’s Unwrapped Sky

Review by Liz Bourke

So this book has one dubious consent scene and one rape scene within twenty pages of each other aaaaaaaaaaaand that’s where I gave up. 


100% of people who tell you you’re too sensitive are saying it because they don’t want to be held responsible for your reaction when they mistreat you

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"but women have sex organs on their chests! I don’t walk around with my pants off!"

I think what you mean to say is “women have secondary sex characteristics on their chests”, not sex organs

in which case let me remind you that your facial hair and enlarged adam’s apple are also secondary sex characteristics

if secondary sex characteristics bother you and you feel they should be covered up in public, please feel free to shove your entire head in a bag at any time

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